Are insoles for me?

Well after never using insoles I brought myself some new shoes and knowing I had a medium arch I thought I would give then a go. Now the benefits of these are to support the natural shape of your foot bed which can help reduce lateral knee travel while peddling which will increase power and can reduce knee pain.

IMG_2954At the same time as I purchased a pair of specialized  insoles I was also given the opportunity to try a pair of ‘formthotics’ with the view to stock them in the shop. Now these looked a good option as are heat moulded  to the exact shape of your foot so should be perfect. My first impression was not great as seemed to be raised to high into my arch having never worn insoles before this put too much pressure on while cycling and also the sole itself seemed very flimsy so gave little support to my foot in the shoe.

Next up was the specialised pair which were the blue insoles and are for medium arches. Now these felt much better under the arch of my foot and I found then comfortable to cycle in. I continued to use these and had no problems at all adapting to them and they soon just  felt ‘normal’ to me.

IMG_2952Whilst I was looking at other options of stocking a brand of insoles I came across ‘currexsSole’ which do specific in-soles for all types of sports obviously including cycling. 

CurrexSole BIKERPO cycling insoles customise the fit of your shoe and come in 3 models depending on your arch type. They advertise that they overcome many of the problems and discomfort inherent in cycling shoes such as  ‘hot spots’ leaving you predisposed to swelling.

CurrexSole BIKEPRO cycling insoles combat this by incorporating a metatarsal dome into the design along with a unique forefoot cushioning system that features ‘Poron’. Together they improve blood circulation thus reducing hotspots and pressure points under the forefoot

currex 1

First impressions of these where pretty good and as with the specialized ones these instantly just felt ‘normal’ under my foot but it wasn’t until I tried these in my tri shoes with no socks that they came into their own. There seems enough cushioning and support in all areas of the foot and felt just as comfortable with no socks on which must be a good sign

Now these are never going to take the place of custom orthotictics but for most people they are more than sufficient and of course much cheaper. For me I’m a convert and will never go back!