2 PBs in a week!

Well after what seemed a really long winter of doing base training it is great to finally start racing and reap the rewards of all that hard work.

I have been pleased with my training over the winter following a structured training plan with my Team Rideharder group and have also been working on my aero position on the bike so looking forward to see how fast I can go.

My first peak for the season had been planned for a 10 & 25mile TT in the same week so I made sure I planned in a rest period to make sure I could go into it fresh.

My first race was the CCB 10mile TT on the B10/3B and was an evening race which I find easier to preform rather than an early start! I was pleased with my pacing throughout the event which is key to a fast time trial. The VI was spot on at 1.00 and I managed 1.06 IF so was bang on target for a 10mile TT.


I was chuffed with my time as nearly 1min faster than I achieved at the end of the season last year so a great start for me.

10mile TT – 22:24 PB

My next race was the VCN 25mile TT on the B25/8 which again was an evening race on the Saturday. It was a windy day so had a tailwind on the way out but a head wind on the way back so it was important to pace the event correctly to make sure you saved some energy for the return leg. I planned to go slightly under threshold on the way out so could return strong. This length of TT is a true test to see how accurate your actual FTP figure as not everybody can actually achieve their FTP for the entire hour.

I was happy with my power as achieved 311w for the event which is only 2watts below my FTP although my VI was not as good at 1.02 but still within range for a time trial. 

Last year I was stuck at around 1hour for 25miles and really struggled to get below the hour so was thrilled to take over 4minutes off my time!

25mile TT – 55.41 PB

After a busy week racing it is time for a little recovery period which is crucial in any training plan before I build for my next event which is going to be a 50mile TT!