12 weeks to go till Ironman!

When you book an Ironman it is normally a year in advance and you think its never going to come round but then suddenly it hits you that it is reality and panic sets in!

My training plan is due to increase to around 16hours per week which will mainly be increased of cycling miles with an extra interval session and a longer ride of around 4 hours.

I am now doing all my riding on my TT bike to get as used to the position as I can and have transferred my Powercrank to it so I can really target those training sessions to ensure there are no junk miles. A regular 10 or 25mile TT is also a great session to through in as this really pushes you to test your threshold.

I am increasing the run to make sure I get at least one long Endurance run in of around 2 hours and at least one brick run off the bike of only around 10mins and some sort of tempo/threshold session.

The swim has been roughly the same with 2 pool sessions a week although have now introduced either a lake swim or a sea swim which has really worked well making me stronger and getting used to swimming in the sea which hopefully will prove invaluable come race day.

I have been very good with adding plenty of strength & conditioning, stretching, foam rolling and even yoga once a week which I believe all helps to improve my training and prevent injury!